Esthetician Services

Reno and Sparks Massage & Reflexology also provides esthetician services such as soothing and relaxing facials and discreet male and female waxing.

Reno and Sparks Massage & Reflexology Signature Facial

  • Pamper yourself with a signature Facial that will relax and rejuvenate you AND your skin!
  • No Downtime
  • Good for all skin types and ages
  • Skin analysis
  • Deep Cleansing with Steam
  • Oxygen treatment with extractions
  • Lavender towels with aromatherapy
  • Massage – foot, hand, decollate and face
  • Finishing hydration mask.

Benefits of Waxing for Women & Men

  • Skin Health – Waxing also means exfoliation. It literally removes the top dead layer of the skin, encouraging fresh collagen to form, and regeneration of healthier skin underneath.
  • Smoother Skin
  • Long Lasting Results – unlike a shave or cream, it may even sometimes take weeks before it grows back.
  • Minimal Irritation – Most people find lots less ingrown hairs and a lot less skin irritation than with some of the other hair removal products on the market.
  • Thinner and Finer hair – The longer you wax, the thinner, finer and sparser your hair will become.

We offer a Full Service Waxing Menu to be Totally Inclusive of all of our Customer’s Preferences and Needs: